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Match Scene Summary

The result for the 2012/13 VAC Championship went up to the wire with Allan Bayman in the lead and Colin Rennison, winner of two matches already this season, hot on his heels.

Our last match was back at Lakeside Farm again. W
hy? Because it produces results in the worst of weathers, including when it's been frozen solid, they have proper toilets and there's a fisherman's kitchen to provide a chance to warm up some food or make a brew if the weather is being cruel.

However, whilst a great silver fish venue, given the quantity of carp that showed last match, it was no surprise when some went all out for carp, using a method feeder to the island. This tactic scored for three of the top four weights and gave Colin a clear win on the day and the Championship overall.

The match committee will continue to run matches through February and into March prior to our 'Spring warm-ups'. As experience has proved that these are the most challenging months, weather-wise, the selection of venues will be decided only a week or two beforehand and posted on here. Invitations will also be emailed to all addresses on Brian's mailing list so make sure he has yours - newcomers most welcome !!

Colin with one of the four carp that helped make him VAC Champ for this season

 * Following a vote by regular match attendees FLOATING BAITS and feed are now banned on VAC matches *

A reminder that, due to demand, booking for ALL MATCHES is vital. This must be via email or text, don't just mention it whilst weighing in two months earlier and expect us to remember. And, if you fail to turn up, you will be liable for the peg fee.

 For more information regarding VAC matches contact Brian Lakin on 01727 764510 or Stan Kiddle on 07860 807516

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Season 2012-13 Results

Season 2012-13 Championship Evening League points * Champ of Champs *  Ladies & over 60's

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Event Winner


10 Feb 2013 Lakeside Farm Championship no. 15 Colin Rennison 26.12
06 Jan 2013 Lakeside Farm Championship no. 14 Alan Gardner 31.01
09 Dec 2012 Riverside Championship no. 13 Allan Bayman 8.12
25 Nov 2012 Frogmore Championship no. 12 Steve Burfoot 23.13
11Nov 2012 Ash Lake Championship no. 11 Colin Rennison 99.11
28 Oct 2012 Felmersham Championship no. 10 Phil Rule 10.01
14 Oct 2012 Alders Farm Championship no. 9 Steve Burfoot 111.15
30 Sept 2012 Fairlands Lake, Stevenage Championship no. 8 Roger Smith 22.02
16 Sept 2012 Arran's Lake, Entire Farm Championship no. 7 Nick Darke 397.08
09 Sept 2012 Riverside Officers Match  Mark Jones 13.05
02 Sept 2012 The Warren Championship no. 6 Alan Thomas 32.07
19 Aug 2012 Frogmore Championship no. 5 Brian Lakin 29.04
26 July 2012 Smallford Evening League no. 6 Neil Anderson 23.03
22 July 2012 Smallford Championship no. 4 Tom Bedford 11.00
19 July 2012 Frogmore Evening League no. 5 Stan Kiddle 26.14
12 July 2012 Riverside Evening League no. 4 Alan Thomas 27.09
08 July 2012 Marsworth GUC Championship no. 3 Colin Rennison 36.06
05 July 2012 Smallford Evening League no.3  Brian Lakin 13.06
30 June 2012 Riverside Ladies & Seniors no.2  Brian Lakin 25.15
28 June 2012 Frogmore Evening League no.2  Matt Young 32.05
24 June 2012 Timberlands Championship no. 2  Allan Bayman 44.15
21 June 2012 Riverside Evening League no.1  Stan Kiddle 26.02
16 June 2012 Frogmore Ladies & Seniors no.1  Brian Lakin 25.12
10 June 2012 Riverside Championship no.1  Alan Gardner 19.12
27 May 2012 The Warren Knock-Up  Matt Young 45.00
20 May 2012 Tyler's Common Champion of Champions  Josh Blavins 79.05
13 May 2012 Riverside Knock-Up  Connor McGrath 47.14
06 May 2012 How End Knock-Up  Alan Gardner 17.07
29 April 2012 Smallford Spring warm-up  Alan Thomas 15.00
08 April 2012 Frogmore Spring warm-up  Matt Young 48.04

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