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Match Scene - End of 2017 Summary by Allan Bayman

2017 has been a rather mixed year after the huge disappointment of KHV at Frogmore and our worries that this fishing might be seriously impacted. However once the fishery re-opened it seems to have made no difference if anything it was fishing better than ever. Frogmore had provided some cracking match action this year so we are delighted to be returning back in January for the midweek matches.
Riverside Road has also been fishing better than I can ever remember too, with tremendous sport available from pretty much every peg on the fishery. A lot of work is planned for next year with a number of pegs earmarked for repairs. Please try and get involved when the work parties come up as only by working together can we all get the most out of our cracking home waters.
Some of our away fixtures have been very good. How End was a great venue for a number of matches with hard fighting barbel and ide providing some good sport. Our visits to Southend Farm's Damsel lake for the midweek matches have been popular too and with good reason, plenty of hectic sport from abundant skimmers and quality carp. Entire Farm delivered big weights but was far below expectations but when you needed over 800lb to win, that is maybe no bad thing.
The conclusion to the main championship is now in sight and Colin Rennison has a strong 60 point lead by delivering consistently good results this year. Steve Burfoot could catch him with 3 good results and Stan Kiddle is in with a shout too. Ash Adams has fished far more of our matches than I can ever remember and is up there too. Last years champion Allan Bayman is out of the running after missing a number of matches due to his new arrival and having some poor results from mediocre draws.
Our last three matches could all be good ones as long as the weather doesn’t impact like it did with our Christmas match.
Coleman's Cottage on the 7th of January sees us fishing new Stepfield, a water with a great head of F1s known for feeding n the coldest weather and bags of over 70lb in the depths of winter are not beyond expectations.
Our penultimate match sees us back in Essex for a winter trip to Entire Farm. Hopefully it will be a bit milder than last year where long-range bomb and bread seemed to be the winning tactic.
What may be our championship decider and final match is at Puddledock on the Road Lake on the 4th of Feb. This lake provides a great mix of silvers v carp sport and honestly could be won on either tactic on the day and we hope will provide an excellent climax to the 2017/2018 championship.
Lastly at this festive time of year I would like to take the time to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy and net- bulging new year !

A reminder that all members are welcome to participate and if you want to go on the distribution list to get the emails for results and booking on please just email matches@verulam-angling.co.uk   .

Winter Draws On

The much anticipated Riverside Christmas match was almost wiped out by the weather. 19 (out of 28) still managed to turn up but only 17 stayed to fish and , amazingly, 11 caught fish. Similarly, the trip to Felmersham was a big disappointment with just 3.15 needed to win.  And it was even tougher at Timberlands where bagger's Lake was anything but...read all the reports below.

The cooler weather means that results at Riverside have dropped along with the colour. But by scaling down and working hard for each fish good weights can still be achieved. And, once again, Simon Jee proved his skills with shy biting fish winning at Riverside with 15.10 on Tuesday 5th Dec. A mix of species and no carp for a change.

Our other weekday venue, Damsel Lake over at Southend Farm, continues to produce. this time it was Roger Brown's turn on the winner's podium with 27lb of skimmers topped up with 18lb of carp.

Pictured left, the grim scene at the draw for the Riverside Christmas match

Next matches:  We start the New year with our first match of 2018 on Jan 7th where we are booked on Stepfield Lake, at Coleman's Cottage, Essex. Full of good sized F1s and match carp this could be good with Winter weights often 50lb plus. Clearly, the only way is Essex as we return to Entire Farm on 21st Jan...not expecting double-tons all round but if the carp are not feeding there's plenty of hungry silvers to go for. Finally, for the last Championship match we have our first VAC visit to Puddledock. A good cafe and tackle shop there so if the fish aren't feeding go treat yourself. Date for that one is Feb 4th.

Please see our season fixture list - top of page.
Week-day matches:

Here are the dates for the Tuesday matches up until end January. 19th December only and then 2nd, 16th & 30th January. Plus 9th & 23rd January at Frogmore.


Draws are at 8:30 and fishing 10 to 3 although this may be tweaked slightly on the day.

Pools are optional and are just £5. Steve Burfoot will be running these matches so if you want to book on please contact him here or telephone 07505 109880.   Fishery nets provided.


If you want to take part in any of the matches, championship, evening or midweek please email matches@verulam-angling.co.uk and we will add you to our mailing list which will keep you up to date on all of the fixtures and the booking on process.

Congrats to match novice Andy Zneimer for winning the popular Evening League. His 1st place at Frogmore on  20th July  gave him an excellent 380 points to Stan Kiddle to 2nd despite coming 2nd on the night.

Read Allan Bayman's punch-by-punch review of this Summer's evening league - here

A reminder that, due to demand, booking for ALL MATCHES is vital. This must be via email or text, don't just mention it whilst weighing in two months earlier and expect us to remember. And, if you fail to turn up, you will be liable for the peg fee. 

 For more information regarding VAC matches contact Allan Bayman : 07768 901252  or Stan Kiddle on 07860 807516

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Season 2017-18 Results

Season 2017-18 ChampionshipEvening League points * Champ of Champs *  Weekday League

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Event Winner


10 Dec 2017 Riverside Championship #13  Phil Rule 3.15
05 Dec 2017 Riverside mid-week knock-up Simon Jee


28 Nov 2017 Southend Farm mid-week knock-up  Roger Brown 55.01
26 Nov 2017 Timberlands Championship #12  Colin Rennison 9.09
21 Nov 2017 Riverside mid-week knock-up  Dave McGrath 23.12
14 Nov 2017 Southend Farm mid-week knock-up  Alan Thomas 89.13
12 Nov 2017 Felmersham, Gt Ouse Championship #11  Andy Trigg 3.15
07 Nov 2017 Riverside mid-week knock-up  Simon Jee 22.08
31 Oct 2017 Southend Farm mid-week knock-up  Steve Burfoot 35.09
24 Oct 2017 Riverside mid-week knock-up  Stan Kiddle 22.08
22 Oct 2017 Slough House Championship #10  Rich McCorry 31.00
17 Oct 2017 Southend Farm mid-week knock-up Simon Jee 72.13
10 Oct 2017 Riverside mid-week knock-up Alan Thomas 40.00
08 Oct 2017 Entire Farm Championship #9 Alan Thomas 471.03
03 Oct 2017 How End mid-week knock-up Allan Bayman 103.12
24 Sep 2017 Newlands Hall Championship #8 Stan Kiddle 78.15
19 Sep 2017 Greensands mid-week knock-up Alan Thomas 54.04
12 Sep 2017 Riverside mid-week knock-up Simon Jee 25.04
10 Sep 2017 Riverside Championship #7 Steve Burfoot 54.05
05 Sep 2017 Timberland (Baggers) mid-week knock-up Simon Jee 26.12
29 Aug 2017 Wold Farm mid-week knock-up Alan Thomas 90.00
22 Aug 2017 How End mid-week knock-up Allan Bayman 53.13
20 Aug 2017 Alders Farm Championship #6 Connor McGrath 192.15
15 Aug 2017 Riverside mid-week knock-up Roger Brown 35.15
13 Aug 2017 GUC Bullbeggers knock-up Cliff Myers 4.08
08 Aug 2017 Greensands mid-week knock-up Stan Kiddle 59.15
06 Aug 2017 Newlands hall Championship #5 Neil Anderson  84.07
01 Aug 2017 Riverside mid-week knock-up Stan Kiddle 41.06
27 July 2017 Smallford mid-week knock-up Rich McCorry 15.15
25 July 2017 Frogmore mid-week knock-up Stan Kiddle 52.07
23 July 2017 Frogmore Championship #4 Steve Burfoot 29.09
20 July 2017 Frogmore Evening League #6 Andy Zneimer 26.10
18 July 2017 Riverside mid-week knock-up Stan Kiddle 60.05
13 July 2017 Riverside Evening League #5 Chris Smith 37.12
11 July 2017 Frogmore mid-week knock-up Allan Bayman 61.08
09 July 2017 Redbridge Championship #3 Ash Adams 15.10
06 July 2017 Frogmore Evening League #4 Steve Burfoot 40.06
04 July 2017 Riverside mid-week knock-up Barrie Cowley 41.14
29 June 2017 Riverside Evening League #3 Stan Kiddle 39.07
27 June 2017 Frogmore mid-week knock-up Roger Brown 45.02
25 June 2017 Tyler - Horseshoe Championship #2 Allan Bayman 184.11
22 June 2017 Frogmore Evening League #2 Barrie Cowley  34.04
20 June 2017 Frogmore mid-week knock-up Barrie Cowley 66.06
15 June 2017 Riverside Evening League #1 Andy Zneimer 46.12
13 June 2017 Frogmore mid-week knock-up Steve Burfoot 42.12
11 June 2017 Riverside Championship #1 Colin Rennison  39.15

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