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Over the last year there have been some changes in the match committee and a big effort has been made to listen to feedback. As a result we are going to see some six-hour matches in the Summer, section pools re-introduced and greater clarity on pools payouts. We have also introduced a Facebook page so that items of a more dynamic nature plus input from members can be easily accessed. This is a closed page - so you need to be an existing or prospective VAC member to be allowed entry.

Remember that you can see last season's results (and all years back to 2001) on the match archive at the bottom of this page.

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As we leave October behind the long hot summer becomes a memory; frosts, bitter cold winds and low bright sunshine adding to the challenge of catching fish. But get the tactics right on the day and the rewards are still there...someone's got to win!

This was the case on Sunday 28th October at Frogmore when Method Man Andy Zneimer drew hot peg 23 and had an easy win with over 44lb. In fact, he would have had closer to 60lb if a very big double, hooked first cast, hadn't broken the fishery-supplied landing net and then Andy's hook-length as it tumbled back. Most struggled for bites with a number suffering numerous foul-hooked fish when would then come off. Matt Young had more bad luck than most losing the one he played in the picture below after over 10 minutes and another 8-9 others as well.
Earlier in October we had our annual 'fish-race' at Arran's which was less well supported than in previous years. On a wet  and breezy day we had almost all of the lake to ourselves. Good job too as the level was down over a foot and many pegs were difficult or dangerous to fish. Despite rumours that stocks had been thinned out, there were plenty of fish for everyone. But the fish were mostly in a bad state; not just damaged from poor handling but very thin from lack of food. Despite this, we still had three weights over 300lb with the winner more than 50lb ahead of second place with 370lb. Over 250lb was needed to get on the upper half of the score sheet. For results on the link below.

Next matches:
 For November we have Slough House in Essex on the 11th and Felmersham on the 25th. Book in with Allan as usual.

A reminder that all members are welcome to participate and if you want to go on the distribution list to get the emails for results and booking on please just email matches@verulam-angling.co.uk  
Week-day matches:  

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The Tuesday matches are now alternating between Frogmore and Riverside. Results do vary with the weather but winning weights are always respectable, plus attendance is good, usually 10 or more .


Draws are at 8:30 and fishing 10 to 3 although this may be tweaked slightly on the day.

Pools are optional and are just 5 plus optional 2 for a 'silvers pool'. Steve Burfoot is running these matches so if you want to book on please contact him here or telephone 07505 109880.   Fishery nets provided at the VAC waters.


Pictured right is organiser Steve with part of his 58.12 winning weight from Riverside on 8 May.

A reminder that, due to demand, booking for ALL MATCHES is vital. This must be via email or text, don't just mention it whilst weighing in two months earlier and expect us to remember. And, if you fail to turn up, you will be liable for the peg fee. 

 For more information regarding VAC matches contact Allan Bayman : 07768 901252  or Stan Kiddle on 07860 807516

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Season 2018-19 Results

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Event Winner


11 Nov 2018 Slough House Championship #12 Rich McCorry 40.08
06 Nov 2018 Riverside Mid-week knock-up Roger Brown 85.03
02 Nov 2018 Riverside Friday Open Tim Jones 22.00
28 Oct 2018 Frogmore Championship #11 Andy Zneimer 44.08
23 Oct 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Barry Cowley 17.10
16 Oct 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Kevin Hemsley 16.09
14 Oct 2018 Arrans Lake Championship #10 Allan Bayman 370.07
09 Oct 2018 Riverside Mid-week knock-up Stan Kiddle 22.12
02 Oct 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Chris Stride 23.09
30 Sep 2018 Fairlands Championship #9 Simon George 21.10
25 Sep 2018 Riverside Mid-week knock-up Roger Brown 33.03
18 Sep 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Allan Bayman 31.05
16 Sep 2018 Newland Hall Championship #8 Stan Kiddle 188.05
11 Sep 2018 Riverside Mid-week knock-up Roger Brown 57.01
04 Sep 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Roger Brown 58.05
02 Sep 2018 Albans Match Lake Championship #7 Dan Patrick 94.06
28 Aug 2018 How End , Yasis Mid-week knock-up Roger Brown 116.09
21 Aug 2018 Silsoe Spring Mid-week knock-up Dennis Holliday 120.13
19 Aug 2018 Riverside Championship #6 Josh Blavins 132.12
14 Aug 2018  Albans Lakes Mid-week knock-up  Steve Burfoot  65.05
07 Aug 2018  Smallford Mid-week knock-up  Simon Jee  33.13
05 Aug 2018  Southend Farm Championship #5 Richard Wylie  125.01
31 July 2018  Greensands Mid-week knock-up Dave McGrath  75.03
24 July 2018  Frogmore Mid-week knock-up  Julien Fletcher  33.06
22 July 2018  Alders Farm Championship #4  Clive Bailey  233.11
19 July 2018  Frogmore Evening League #6 Brian Lakin 27.00
17 July 2018  Riverside Mid-week knock-up Roger Brown  60.10
12 July 2018  Riverside Evening League #5  Martin Funnell  64.09
10 July 2018  Frogmore Mid-week knock-up  Lee Ripper  60.13
08 July 2018  Newland Hall Championship #3  Lee Ripper 129.13
05 July 2018  Frogmore Evening League #4  Neil Anderson 27.00
03 July 2018  Riverside Mid-week knock-up  Lee Ripper 53.08
28 June 2018  Riverside Evening League #3  Alan Thomas 49.08
26 June 2018  Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Barry Cowley  21.07
24 June 2018  Frogmore Championship #2  Allan Bayman  35.09
21 June 2018 Frogmore Evening League #2 Roger Brown  40.14
19 June 2018  How End Mid-week knock-up  Lee Ripper 119.12
14 June 2018 Riverside Evening League #1 Lee Ripper  39.00
12 June 2018  Frogmore Mid-week knock-up  Lee Ripper  60.03
10 June 2018  Riverside  Championship #1  Josh Blavins  80.09
05 June 2018 Riverside Mid-week knock-up Lee Ripper  82.12
29 May 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Alan Thomas  39.02
27 May 2018 Alders Farm Champ of Champs Alan Thomas 171.15
22 May 2018 Riverside Mid-week knock-up Ray Cormack  24.12
20 May 2018 Riverside Spring Warm-Up #4 Josh Blavins/
Alan Gardner
15 May 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Steve Burfoot  34.00
08 May 2018 Riverside Mid-week knock-up Steve Burfoot  57.12
01 May 2018 Southend Farm Mid-week knock-up Chris Budden  27.07
29 April 2018 Alban Lakes (Willows) Spring Warm-Up #3  Steve Burfoot  81.10
24 April 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Roger Brown  28.13
17 April 2018 Southend Farm Mid-week knock-up Chris Budden  84.09
10 April 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Roger Brown  20.04
03 April 2018 Southend Farm Mid-week knock-up  Barry Cowley  47.11
01 April 2018 Puddledock Spring Warm-Up #2  Roger Brown  46.12
27 Mar 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Dave McGrath 19.01
22 Mar 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Chris Stride 40.10
13 Mar 2018 Frogmore Mid-week knock-up Steve Burfoot 14.05
11 Mar 2018 Frogmore Spring Warm-Up #1 Colin Rennison 18.14

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