Midweek series 28th May 2018
Riverside Road

A welcome return to Riverside for our Tuesday match, 14 anglers fished using pegs 16-37. Everyone had a chance of a decent days fishing with most pegs having some decent form of late. Lee Ripper drew 22 which we all know can be hit or miss, it proved to be a hit today with Lee fishing tight over for a few early carp then down the r/h margin for some decent bream then a late flurry of carp over at 16m. Alan fished top kit all day on 30, again picking up decent early carp. Paul Spiller fished well on 19 with allegedly 50lb of bream, luckily for me it was only 18lb 10oz. �� but comfortably taking the silver pool. Julien Fletcher had 13lb 9oz of silvers for 2nd in the silvers.

1 Lee Ripper. Peg22. 42lb 5oz
2 Alan Thomas peg30. 31lb 11oz
3 Steve Burfoot peg37. 29lb 4oz
4 Paul Spiller. Peg19. 28lb 1oz
5 Julien Fletcher peg29. 26lb 10oz
6 Brian Lakin. Peg31. 13lb 2oz
7 David Aris. Peg24. 12lb 1oz
8 Chris Smith. Peg26. 11lb 14oz
9 Andy Trigg. Peg25. 11lb 13oz
10 Richard Lear. Peg20. 11lb 3oz
11 Brian Eccles. Peg28. 10lb 8oz
12 Bob Scott. Peg34. 10lb 5oz
13 Tony Edwards. Peg16. 4lb 7oz