Match Records

  Thanks to Kev Hawes for trawling through old documents to capture and record this summary of the best VAC match catches over the last 30+ years.

Kev Marslin with 84-11 of Smallford bream

Away Venues
5 hours Allan Bayman Entire Farm 10/16 831lb
5 hours Stan Kiddle Entire Farm 11/15 504lb
Juniors (4 hrs) Tom Williams Frogmore 04/05 34lb 8oz
Home Waters
3 hrs Martin Funnell Riverside 07/18 64lb 09oz
5 hrs Lee Ripper Riverside 06/18 82lb 12oz
3 hrs Kev Marslin Smallford 07/08 57lb 2oz
5 hrs Kev Marslin Smallford 04/05 84lb 11oz
3 hrs Nick Darke Frogmore 09/10 43lb 5oz
5 hrs Steve Burfoot Frogmore 05/17 75lb 5oz
Match Fish Records
Barbel M White Felmersham 76/77 7lb 1oz 8dm
Bream Paul Bangs Felmersham 91/92 6lb 6oz 8dm
Carp Mark Jones Rolf's Lake 05/06 24lb
Chub Phil Rule GUC Marsworth 06/07 6lb 3oz
Dace T Gillett Felmersham 86/87 11oz 8dm
Perch Colin Winter GUC Marsworth 02/03 2lb 13oz 8dm
Roach Alan Walls Felmersham 87/88 1lb 14oz
Tench Steve Burfoot Smallford 02/03 6lb 12oz


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