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 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK - established 1934.                                                            June 2015.

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New Eight Berth Caravan For Hire, White Acres, Newquay, Cornwall  

The caravan is sited on this 5 star award winning holiday complex which is also one of the top coarse angling centres in the country comprising 15 lakes.

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Sound Investment

Just five years ago the VAC completed contracts on the freehold for the two lakes plus stretch of Ouzel know as Bellows Mill. After some thought and professional advise it was agreed that the deeper Ford Lake would become a trout-only water and Mill Lake would be developed into a mixed coarse fishery. Both lakes held good stocks of perch, tench, rudd, roach, crucians plus a few pike and around 18 large grass carp.

Draining, netting, landscaping and some restocking were completed within a year of taking ownership of this former trout fishery, located near Eaton Bray and not far from Whipsnade zoo. Since then, nature has rapidly restored the after-effects of the earthworks and the new islands on Mill Lake make it a more intimate venue than the actual lake size would suggest.
Aside from the grass carp, which average around 20lb, the only other 'proper carp' are a dozen or so located in Ford lake to grow on and help stir up a little colour in the water. Trout fishing is available on this lake through until mid December with a break in August. But for the majority attending this fishery it's the coarse fish that are the attraction. Tench now go to 6lb, perch over 3lb and big roach well over a pound can be targetted knowing that your bait isn't going to be snaffled by some greedy tackle-testing carp. However, that theory was blown out Barry Hicks in our picture above when his prawn hookbait was snatched by this fine grass carp weighing in at 21.08. Barry reported that the battle was steady rather than frantic which is fortunate as he was geared up with just 4lb line whilst hopeful for a nice perch or tench.

All in all the venue has proved a winner on every level for the VAC and it's a credit to Andy Karczmarek, the fishery manager, and his hard-working team. And it doesn't end there as plans are being developed for further enhancements. Watch this space!
Jack is back
The VAC are proud to announce that, following new negotiations with Hadley Wood Piscatorial Society (HAPS), VAC members once again have full access to the day-ticket section of Jack's Lake in Hadley Wood, Cockfosters.

For news on VAC venues we now provide guest access to the fishery reports on our members-only forum.  

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The reworking of Bellow Mill lakes was not with it's problems. This digger was extracted, eventually.

Here's a shot of a dozen or so of the grass carp shoaled up. You can often see them but catching them is a whole different game.

This 10lb pike from Bellow Mill proves that predators have their place there, Lucky captor was Jimmy Ryan.

The narrow stretch of the Ouzel that runs alongside Bellows Mill is home to a good number of fish. Spooky due to the clear water they are difficult to locate but big chub, roach, perch and even a trout or two are regularly spotted.

Chris Jones had this 3.01 perch from Mill Lake back in February.


Verulam Angling Centre


VAC bailiff Terry Field is the the owner of the Verulam Angling tackle shop in St Albans. Situated at 219, Hatfield Road, directly opposite the Morrison's store.

Pop in or call Terry on 01727 861777

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Swallow Pool

Exclusive catfish lake in Bedfordshire

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