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 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK - established 1934.                                                                      July/August  2014..

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Beautiful modern

 2 bedroom family apartment to rent on the Costa Del Sol.

VAC Clothing

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Six Berth Caravan For Hire, White Acres, Newquay, Cornwall  

The caravan is sited on this 5 star award winning holiday complex which is also one of the top coarse angling centres in the country comprising 15 lakes.

 Open from March to October inclusive.

Contact Barry Killinger on

07966 394717


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Another Great Day

It was eight years ago, in 2006 when we held our first Open Day at Riverside Road. Then, like this year, we had mixed weather and many sleepless nights in the run-up.  But eight years of annual Open Days also means we've worked out the right mixture of what works and what doesn't - at least we think so - feel free to let us know your views.

We no longer get the Mayor of St Albans to formally open the event but, this year, we went one better when TV & Radio angling star Keith Arthur kept his promise to attend and was kept busy showing anglers of all ages his way with the pole.

With several hundred guests on the day (it was July 5th in case you missed it) and mostly no rain it was a great day for existing and prospective members and their families. The only 'gotchya' on the day was the fact that our friends at Verulam Golf Club who allowed us to use their car park also had an event on which meant at times car parking was an issue.

We had all our usual attractions; BBQ, VAC clothing stall, junior coaching, pole classes, fly casting, raffles and tackle sales and much more. Check out the pics on the right.

* * New Waters * *
Did you get the eNews last month letting you know about our new waters at Lysander Park? If not perhaps we don't have you current email address?

Crucian Carp

Can you recognise a true sample?

At a glance this fine 1lb specimen
, caught at Riverside by Daniel Cotton, is a beautiful crucian carp. Sadly no. It has a lateral line count of 30 and, according to the definitive identification guide on a true crucian has 32-34 scales.
Most likely it's a crucian/brown goldfish cross but a fine fish none-the-less. We have similar specimens as this one in Riverside to over 3lb.

Over the counter membership: A reminder that new members can now sign-up at either Verulam Tackle Shop in St Albans or Colney Tackle in Hazeldine Rd, London Colney. For all the details please click the Subscriptions link above. Please be reminded that all able-bodied adult members are expected to undertake at least one work-party before the end of April and failure to do so attracts a work-party levy when renewing membership equal to the prevailing joining fee. This is to ensure that work-party obligations are not avoided by simply rejoining as a new member.


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Guest Tickets. Always a popular way to introduce your pals to the VAC. And now two bits of good news; during Winter months the price is reduced by 50% to just 3.50 per day and you can now also pick up tickets from Colney Tackle, London Colney. All guest must be accompanied by a full member.


Remember, that unless your email address is registered on Club DB, our membership database, we can't keep you up to date via e-news nor can we accept your application to join the VAC Forum. To check and update your details see the Subscriptions page

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VAC members, on production of their club card, can fish for no charge subject to conditions. See VAC fisheries page for details.


VAC members can fish The Tring Anglers stretch of the Aylesbury Arm as part of a water share agreement.

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VAC members, on production of a valid membership card, get 5% discount on bait products from

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Your Contribution

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This shot proves that Keith managed to catch despite the distractions of an audiance.

The VAC coaches were kept busy guiding youngsters to fish with whips, poles and rod n line.

One of the stalls looking for your money

Age nor gender was not an issue as this young lady proved over on the fly-casting

My apologies to Andrew Ranson who has corrected me regarding this Riverside koi - his was the first picture of it sent in.

Allan Bayman won the VAC's first match at our new Lysander Park water. This koi was one of many carp caught in practice.


Verulam Angling Centre


VAC bailiff Terry Field is the the owner of the Verulam Angling tackle shop in St Albans. Situated at 219, Hatfield Road, directly opposite the Morrison's store.

Pop in or call Terry on 01727 861777

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Carp Craze PVA. British made quality micro-mesh, anti-ladder, total dissolve. Available in 35mm, 22mm & 15mm. Buy a 20m tub for the RRP, 19.99 and get another, any size, free.

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Swallow Pool

Exclusive catfish lake in Bedfordshire

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