History of the Verulam Angling Club

THE VERULAM AC was formed in 1934 by some 14-20 local businessmen and has been providing quality fisheries and sport for its members ever since. It has since flourished to what we have today - a club over 1600 members enjoying a vast array of fish and fisheries.

Here's a snap of members building the perimeter fence at Riverside Road - 1970

This is the popular Frogmore match pool after being reworked in 1996


Whilst our membership figure may seem very large, we do level our membership on the amount of fishing we have on offer as we have no wish to subject members to overcrowded waters. The fact that we are one of the few clubs with a growing membership, surely reflects the standards to which we seek to achieve.

Certainly some fisheries are more popular than others, but avoid the busier times and you still have the fisheries to yourself and with no close season at some waters, we also avoid the June 16th rush.

The club controls a wide variety of coarse fishing as well as some close season trouting which is very popular. Details of all these waters and what they hold can be found elsewhere on this website.

We are very proud of our fisheries. We believe we offer a superb selection giving members virtually all the sport they could wish for.

Details of our fisheries and their stock will show that we are not a club to sit on our laurels. If work needs to be done, it gets done! If waters need stocking, they get stocked!

But this costs money - your money. We may not be the cheapest club around, but if you want quality fish and fisheries, then it has to be paid for. However, at less than 1 per week (seniors), we can hardly be called expensive!

Juniors are more than welcome in the club and with no entrance fee plus reduced subscriptions, it is our intention to encourage more.

In 1986 we became a limited company (limited by guarantee). This was solely to give the officers of the club full personal protection from the liabilities of the club. All it means to members is that they are liable to pay the sum of 1 in the event of the club being wound up due to litigation.

We are affiliated to the National Federation of Anglers, Great Ouse Fishery Consultation Association, the Ivel Protection Association, the ACA and Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust and Ver Valley Society which reflects our concern for the environment we enjoy.

As well as this website we issue four newsletters a year and also have a Telephone Hotline. Members can phone in for the latest information on how the waters are fishing; competition details and late changes to fixtures, work party dates, raffle winners, social date reminders, emergency notices, in fact anything that will be of interest to members.

We have also have an e-mail newsletter which, along with the Hotline, has been especially handy, for example, for urgent news such as unexpected fishery closures, parking restrictions etc.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact the Secretary or Registrar -  if calling, at sensible times please.

Note: The VAC membership year commences on June 16th.








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