Fisheries - Tingewick Fishery, Buckingham

Situated on the western outskirts of Buckingham, this attractive stretch of the upper Great Ouse is a new addition to the VAC fishery portfolio. Located at the back of Tingewick Industrial Park, you will need to park sensibly on the access roads as access is through a wooded area at the top end of the estate.

Around 500 yards in length, the fishery is very overgrown with nearby overhead power lines making this a NO POLES fishery. As it's narrow flowing water this is hardly a problem as the water lends itself to traditional running water tactics such as centrepin reels and stick floats.

In places fallen trees provide handsome looking snags for large perch, chub and pike, all known to inhabit this stretch. The main species are roach and dace and these are abundant in smaller sizes up to around 8oz, easily caught trotting maggots down the middle in around 4ft of water.

The banks are quite high with nettles during the summer and autumn so it is suggested that members take something to clear themselves a swim. During early 2008 working parties will be undertaken to create more comfortable swims.

Traditional close season rules apply.


Let us know how you get on.




November 2007


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