A Bird's Eye View - Part 2

As I said in part one I usually use the pole. I started going with dad while mum was at work but as mumís work hours changed we all went, even my brother, this was a great family pass-time. We sometimes split up and fished different parts of the venue. But I started using the pole as it seemed easier and as I got older the pole started getting longer and more complicated. I started showing more interest as the club invited me to more and more matches the most enjoyable was an open junior match at a canal and there was only two vac juniors this older lad being about 15 and myself being about  11.  I drew number 21 and found they had only marked 20 pegs so they stuck me on the end swim which was next to the other member and every time we caught a fish we taunted each other. It was great fun though we spent more time laughing and throwing the fish outside the net then actually putting them in the net to be weighed. When the scales came the lad had 4lb 8 oz and 8 drams and I caught 4lb and 8oz so I wasnít very happy as he won with half an ounce. But I did come second overall and I then found I had the largest perch being 15 oz. I had trophy for second place and one for the perch and I got to choose my prize and as I was a budding pole angler I chose the eleven metre pole.

After realising that matches where just more fun I started fishing the VAC series of Ladies, Juniors and Seniors matches which obviously I fished as a lady even though I wasnít even old enough to become a junior member. The first few were fished against my mum, Sue Jones, Sheila Mills and myself, with Sue winning most matches and the trophy. In 2001/ 02 mum won the trophy then in 2003/04 I won it and now I fish against Adel and still my mum .I  won it in 2006/ 07 and now again this year.


In the U.K. there are over 66,000 women anglers and over 80 lady members of V.A.C. who seem to be hiding so come-on ladies where are you? Letís show these men that we donít just clean and cook. When I think back to the carp match B.B.Qís it was the men cooking but the wifeís who where serving and handling the finances, on the barbel day the stew and soda bread was very tasty and even served by the men, so as they have shown what they can do, let them do the dinner and we can do more of the fishing.

Also, why not join the VAC forum?  It would be great to share some banter on-line with other ladies and have some help keeping the boys in check. Itís keeps me in touch when I canít go fishing (now Iím a mother of two time is more precious).

So please do make yourself noticed on the banks and please come along to next seasonís  Ladies, Juniors and Senior matches.

Well there have been some funny times at the fisheries. Well itís not just us ladies itís you men as well. When my brother came fishing with us to Frogmore he was scoffing his face while fishing on one of the platforms when a fish took, the rod went sliding towards the water, he reached for it still sitting on his fold up chair, did a summersault over and landed still sitting on the chair in the water fighting the fish which turned out to be a small carp of about 5lb.

Hope this brought a few laughs and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.